The team behind the Cobra USB updates the firmware in the dongle version 4.3 and version Multiman.

New / fixed: Firmware 4.3: - Compatibility with games said black screen, your games run normally - vsh.self can be replaced by ReactPSN Multiman 01/03/00 Cobra: - Loading Iso Psp diskless necessary - Option "Detect Game Title in ISO Images "to use the name of ISO, to no longer scan the name of the game in the database - Improved scanning Rom / Iso / Cover - Support for ICON0.PNG column back - Support for PS2 Cover Iso file / Cue column back - Support for files Cover Ps1 Iso / Cue column back and play - New format for themes (. thm) file to a topic - Add Iso extraction from the menu side (to convert an iso file) - Added "make showtime preference" to select up to 10 different fonts (interface and subtitle) - Added shortcut (virtual folder) "XMB video Files" during the course of a hdd / usb glue in the video - Added cover blu-ray and DVD during the course of a drive / folder in the video column - Added shortcut to file for BDISO and DVDISO, seen as "Blu-ray Video (ISO)" and " DVD Video (ISO) " - Change "Video Link Library" to "Showtime" to create links to video files, not to start showtime - Added copy function in the sidebar to BD/DVD/PS2/PSP/PS3 ISO (joint and split) - Added option to copy large files to USB, the files will be automatically cut - Theme download in the background - Pop-up connection net_host successful start-up - Pop-up disk space (less 1GB) - Pop-up for updates (MMCM, CobraUSB firmware and Showtime) - Fixed bug when extracting icons from an external drive ICON0.PNG Multiman For, being an update you need first install the full . The team also gives us a pack of over 3400 Cover for PS1 and PS2. Thanks to the green-to information. USB 4.3 Cobra Cobra Multiman-USB 1.3 Update Pack Cover PS1, PS2 Official Website :