Microsoft is actively seeking a television executive to develop original content for Xbox Live, Bloomberg reports.
According to "people with knowledge of the company's plans," the process is being led by Stratis LLC partner Tom Schneider, and Microsoft is only willing to make the hire if a suitable candidate is found.
So far, two people have been approached about the role: former NBC Universal TV Entertainment chairman Jeff Gaspin, who stepped down after Comcast took control of NBC in January; and NBC's current head of west coast business operations Marc Graboff, who announced his plans to leave the company last month.
However, the sources claim that the position may not be created if the right candidate is not found.
While Microsoft has declined to comment on the rumour, it would be consistent with the company's longstanding ambitions for the Xbox to become a multimedia platform - highlighted by the recentdashboard update, which introduced a number of new video content providers and changed the UI to shift emphasis away from games.
In addition, a forthcoming wave of Kinect content includes Kinect Sesame Street TV, which blends gaming experiences with episodes from the iconic show's new season.
Pixar, Double Fine and National Geographic are also producing Kinect content that borrows aspects from television.