Swizzy released a new version of his GUI for xeBuild v1.0:
Overview - What it does
- This is a frontend/GUI for xeBuild, what it does is make it easy for you to select most options that you might need, such as Motherboard, SMC hack for freeboot, image type etc. etc.
- It is able to check what SMC hack you have previously used for JTAG it's also able to tell you what SMC version you have, and if it's a JTAG, Clean/Retail, Glitch or Cygnos patched SMC
- If you put any of these files next to the executable it'll use them
SMC.bin - Custom SMC of your choice; ONLY USE THIS OF YOU KNOW WHAT
Xell.bin - Custom Xell of your choice; ONLY USE THIS OF YOU KNOW WHAT
cpukey.txt - It'll read the first line of this file as CPUKey
flashdmp.bin - It'll load this as source nand
Default.xml - It'll load any preset settings from this file
options.ini - It'll load any custom settings from this (for xeBuild)
launch.ini - Settings for Dashlaunch, if you choose to use this setting it'll include this file in the built image

What's new/fixed (v1.1):
- Added: Function to prepare a USB memory stick for updating your console with the AVATAR support (Update downloader)
- Fixed: Copying of Cygnos360 V2 SMC now works...
- Fixed: Some Xenon SMC's didn't show previous hack properly... works now
- Fixed: Sometimes the app will recognise your SMC as Cygnos whiles it's JTAG, the app will now show you it's JTAG if it can see that it's JTAG patched aswell instead of fooling you by saying it's a cygnos 360 patch...
- Changed: The app no longer asks if you want to clear the log after autosaving, instead it asks if you want to Close the app, Clear the log or just leave the way it is
- Added: Reading cpukey/ldv from fuse.txt or downloading it from xell now also saves both CPUKey and DVDKey (if available) to keys.txt

What's new/fixed (v1.0b):
- Fixed: XP Compatibilty issues causing the app to crash as it can't find the files it requires due to XP beeing generally gay when it comes to directory $#@! ]_[ (i thought i had found all of them, but apparently some little buggers passed by me prior to release
- Fixed: Already open windows will not automaticly be brought to the front so you can see them
- Fixed: Selecting Glitch/Trinity then selecing JTAG/Xenon will no longer cause the Xell section to be de-selected randomly
- Added: Failsafes in custom options, you can no longer set your MAX temp lower then your running temperatures! and you can also not set max/running temp without setting the other option aswell...
- Added: Check if you have selected the same Xell/Dualboot button twice (excludes not setting it of course)