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Thread: Hello World on PlayStation Vita

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    Default Hello World on PlayStation Vita


    The title of the PSP PlayStation Vita (only available for PSN) is to launch the strength of the Vita. What worries me is the save game exploit what works for PSP, PS Vita me to try to work immediately on Mr. teck4 owns a PSP save game exploit unpublished.

    The result was of course also take over the vulnerability of the PSP. Hello World at PS Vita (own code) can be performed.
    PS Vita PSP at the first place only because it is emulation, emulator running on the fact that just because we can run your own code does not change much. So while hacking into the system are reproduced in an environment that is running on the PSP will own code.
    Half-start at the maximum of the PSP Homebrew Byte Loader (reproduction of) is enough.
    Some might suspect that I'll not do FAKE, exploit teck4 his unpublished exploit is genuine.
    PSN version save game exploit with other titles, so there are some that may be realized in the start of the PSP Homebrew PS Vita Once you have established how to start the HBL, the saved data is Sony " Administrative Assistant for PlayStation content "must be transferred to the PS Vita, and further to transfer the state must now transfer the save data folder into the Hello World binaries that only the saved data . Will be transferred into the data folder in the save if the body can then be started with Vita HBL.
    And that is a big possibility that such measures are easily crushed to prevent unwanted save game file transfer for applications that work under the control of Sony.
    In addition, PS Vita Min Gol exploit so far as such details as if it had been like the PSP PS Vita measures also seem to emulate the PSP.
    Those who try to exploit in the PSP PS Vita looking for if not, carefully examine whether the game supports PS Vita first. Everybody's clean trial and trial period Patapon 2 demo is so handy that non-PS Vita not come again in the first place.
    Incidentally, I'm looking forward to the future from those who were successful on the PS Vita Hello World, will tell for sure.
    That only the listed vulnerabilities have been reproduced PSP Hello World is displayed, the display is reproduced even if just how far the system area of ​​Vita 踏Mi込Meru potential from here is almost zero. That is not even the first step in hacking it.
    [UPDATE: my Additional Comment in english]
    I read lot's of article Around the world about this Hello World on Vita and I found SO many "this is fake, right?" ... No, this is not a fake. But You Have to Think this is inevitable result because of emulation.
    And you can find "Hello World for PSP Firmware 6.31 by Teck4" and say "Why 6.31?"
    Teck4 have some savegame exploits. These were found when PSP lastest firmware was 6.31. He tried to run his unsigned code without any modification .. including the letter "6.31"
    That's why "6.31" was displayed in his Hello World.
    His exploit use buffer overflow of the system and, you know, what we call "Usemode exploit", So do not expect kernel hacking from it.
    I know his exploit and I know he is not a faker. That's real. But I think this shows us that emulation tech on vita is brilliant, NOT "PS Vita is hackable!"

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    I guess it was only a matter of time. I hope this doesn't make SONY take away a bunch of features before it even hits the US. I actually plan on getting one of these *sigh*. Also I'm not sure how I feel about the VITA getting hacked. Just look at what happened to the PSP because of piracy. The homebrew scene was amazing, but not at the price of commercial releases.

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    If Sony is yet actually capable of learning from their mistakes they should leave a nice little hole for the hackers to play around in like OtherOS was before they stupidly took it away and angered the hackers into having the Ps3 hacked within months, and many people call MS dumb for the drive FW being so easily hacked, but actually that meant the hackers were very content with drive FW and Jtag so make almost no effort to look for a soft mod and that actually reduced piracy, so if Sony actually have any sense they'll leave a little hole for some basic Homebrew and might at least slow piracy down.

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