Last month, GameStop posted pre-order listings for Vita memory cards, with dire, dire prices -- from $30 for a 4GB card to $120 for the 32GB card. In its launch lineup announcement, the PlayStation Blog revealed the "official" pricing for the unimaginably tiny accessories, and it's ... better.

Still pretty expensive.

According to Sony, the 4GB card will retail for $19.99, 8GB for $29.99, 16GB for $59.99, and the 32GB for $99.99. In addition, you'll be able to get a 4GB card along with a "Pocket Pouch," screen cover, card case, headphones, and cleaning cloth in a $40 "Starter Kit." GameStop still has yet to update its listings, but we're sure it will soon. If it doesn't, you should really look elsewhere.