Newly released/updated for the Dingoo a320 and Dingoo a330

Notes:In EnglishRetrieved from bug "Fixed arrows crazy ".-----(The arrows on the menu were not moving properly).Now it 100% functional.(I was not starting correctly.)Added suport to format rom (.mdf)Added interlace count level is well 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. There is a bug in the selection, but nothing to stop you.(Black lines on the screen so there will increase performance).Added cycle multiplyquer by 18. (some games work)(Recommended start cycle multiplyquer by 10 after opening the game menu you can change up to 18.)(Increases speed in some games).For flpstrquerendoumdingoo!Credits:Good help was indirect but :Shin Nill -tutorial that motivated me to develop for Dingux by ubuntu.bbruno after releasing the firmware I was willing to return to the forum and just re-program.To all who downloaded the test translation mainly ripman, alyssonaram, DemonFars and Coccijoe.To all of the forum.Comments: I could not test then it may not work properly or that these improvements do not behave well, glitches please comment.Remembering that it's still in the experimental stage so it may not work correctly.

Download Here