By luck or bad luck-in fact, a Japanese man happy owner of Sony PlayStation VITA, has revealed the first one! The first may or may not interest the underground scene.
He decided to share his find with all the world by making a video illustrating the situation.

To make fast, the guy just fell on mute for the new console, a kind of "Factory mode" as seen on the PS3, with a few parameters to adjust. What you see on the video they are just dolphins in 3D, we can see the two characters basically OK or NG as the factory mode of the PS3. In fact we do not know much about this mode, its usefulness Its role ... etc.. We do not know how this guy was able to access, but from what he says and what it shows in this video, it is impossible to leave this mode, turn off the console is useless, in other words it is stuck on the "PS VITA Dolphin 3D Mode" So this is an interesting find in the underground scene, is it useful or not? Just five days since the console is on sale in Japan, can not answer these questions, much hope that our Japanese friends can get out of this problem!