Russian developer frostegater continues his fine work on the PSP scene, he gives us new homebrews / plugins very interesting.
For now, our Russian friend presents the second revision of the PSP Everest 2 , a homebrew that allows you to know the All small details on your PSP, whatever its type and version. It includes the hardware, firmware / CFW it loads the UMD drive and its firmware but also useful information about the battery.
The whole is presented in a nice graphical interface.
The new version supports all PSP including PSP and PSP Go E10XX Street.

New / fixed:

- Rewrite code.
- Added random color of background When start program.
- Added fade When changing menu.
- Added detect PSP X010 (Mexico).
- Added exit in XMB about 'HOME' / 'PS' button.
- Unlocked power switch.
- Added new firmware support.
- Added PSPgo and PSP-E10xx support.
- Some visual fixed.
- Added by switching backgrounds and fade When switching triggers.
- Added interactivity of 'Battery Information' location.
- Added more information to 'Information' Hardware->' Model 'option.
- Removed not needed Some strings in 'System Information' and 'Hardware Information' locations.
- Added 'Complete' status to 'Battery Information' -> 'Charging' option.
- Added Able to Showing Russian text in 'System Information' -> 'Username' option.
- Fixed Detecting not readed battery on battery Flashable PSP's (All Fat and Slim TA-085v1).
- Added Able to Detecting TA-094.
- Added new algorythm for Detecting Some motherboards motherboard and renamed.
- Added Russian language (Russian language if selected in 'System Settings' in XMB).
- Added Able to Detecting differences of TA-088v1 TA-088v2 and.
- Rev.2: fixed freezing in 'System Information 'location. Rev2 PSP Everest 2 Official website: