Wii Converter GUI, made by GBAtemp member PandaNL, has been updated to version 1.7.0. This Windows application is Wii game conversion tool with a user-friendly graphical interface. Note that .NET framework must be installed to use this utility. See the change log for what's been added, and join the discussion linked below for more information about this project.

QUOTE: Change Log 12/20/11•Added Swedish language

•Game info will now show region information (NTSC-U, NTSC-J, PAL, PAL-R, KOR)

•2D and 3D boxart will now also get US, JAP, PAL and KOR boxart.

•Boxart grabbing will no longer freeze the application when loading the image in.

•WBFS will display a live progress on the converting progress.

•Convert buttons will be disabled when a progress is started, so you can't start two convertings by exident.

•Tooltips added

•Error message when you don't select a file.