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Thread: Bang! beta...

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    NDS Bang! beta...

    Dustin posted this News/release:

    OK, so here's the beta version of my new little game. It's pretty simple but I think it's also pretty fun. You are this small "ship" (it's kind of abstract everything's just balls). You can move in any direction and you must not get hit by the enemies which are flying at you from every direction. You have no weapons but can slow down time to better dodge the enemies. To do this you simply press b and everything but you will slow down. You can only slow time for a little while though. The amount of power you have left is shown on the bottom screen. As your power drains the bottom screen turns from a bright red to black. To regain your power you must grab one of three power ups.

    1. gives 10 points and restores half your power
    2. destroys all enemies on the screen and restores half your power
    3. restores all your power

    And that's it. You gain points by staying alive and by grapping power up number 1. Now this is only the beta as I want to get peoples opinions so I can change stuff. Here is a list of things that I know are not in here yet.

    1. Highscores and saving
    2. Multiplayer (2 people on one DS will be added)

    Here's some stuff I would like feedback on...

    1. Music (how important is it and what would go well)
    2. Maybe more power skills (like slowing down time) for the player.
    3. Enemy movement patterns
    4. Powerup affects
    5. A better name
    6. anything else you think would be cool


    Download and Give feedback Via Comments

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