HD remakes of arcade shooters The House Of The Dead 3 and 4are headed exclusively to PlayStation Network, Sega has announced.
The House Of The Dead 3 will be released on February 7, to be followed by The House Of The Dead 4 in the spring. Both games have been updated with HD graphics, with Trophies and support for PS3 motion controller PlayStation Move.
Sega Of America senior VP of digital business Haruki Satomi said: "The House Of The Dead has always been one of Sega's most popular series, and over the years we have worked hard to bring that full arcade experience to console owners.
"The abilities of the PS3, as well as PlayStation Move, have let us get closer than ever before."
HOTD 3 was released in arcades in 2002, and was later ported to Xbox, PC and Wii. 2005's The House Of The Dead 4, however, has never been released for home consoles.