Finally, after nearly 10 long years since I started this project, Glory of Heracles: Snap Story translation is finished and completely in English. Snap Story is the Gameboy entry in the series, but itís still quite funÖ If youíre into old-school Dragon Quest clones. The gameís graphics are quite similar to Glory of Heracles II, but instead of gaining permanent party members ala II, you can enlist the aid of various gods as you level up. The gods act as party members that you can choose to use on a round by round basis.
All in all, itís definitely worth a play if youíre a fan of the series or a fan of old-school Japanese RPGs.
I even went old-school and built an a RPGClassics shrine for the game while I was at it, just in case anybody needs a little help while playing the game. Enjoy. =)
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