Okay, this version has various fixes to bugs introduced in the previous version. Sadly I did not have time to fix all the bugs in the SoundBlaster handling, as it took me many days to find the and fix a problem that made Supaplex lose digital sounds immediately when the game began. I managed to finally fix this problem, but it still loses the digital sounds occasionally for a little while. Anyways, here are the fixes in this version:
  • Improved the touchpad keyboard handling, now upper/lower case is handled properly and the keys flash when clicked, like in the original DSx86.
  • Improved SoundBlaster audio handling, still not completely correct.
  • Fixed a problem in syncing to VBlank, which caused jittery horizontal panning in Supaplex and other games using smooth pixel panning.
  • Faster EGA 0x0D mode blitting when the logical screen width is larger than 320 pixels.
  • Fixed EGA LineCompare pixel panning reset, using NDS hardware features.
  • Fixed AdLib audio buffering problem.
  • Fixed Warcraft BSOD crash in SoundBlaster detection.
I will try to continue improving the SoundBlaster features and other still missing features during the upcoming weeks. My time to work on DS2x86 has been somewhat limited recently, as it is winter and we get quite a lot of snow, which also sometimes causes electrical black-outs. So, I need to spend time shoveling snow and just waiting for the electricity to return instead of working on DS2x86! Hopefully things improve in a couple of months as spring comes. :-)