SCE president and CEO Andrew House says healthy sales of Nintendo's 3DS proves that, despite the doom and gloom naysayers, there's still sufficient demand for dedicated gaming portables.
"The sales of the 3DS, having the advantage of releasing a little bit ahead of us, have been exceedingly good. I think that shows that there is, in general, a lot of demand for a gaming-primary portable device," House told the PlayStation Blog.
The mirrors the sentiments of SCEE president and CEO Jim Ryan, who recently said Sony is "encouraged" by 3DS' success over the holidays.
House hopes that people who discover gaming on other devices may 'graduate', in a sense, to more sophisticated games on Vita.
"But our device in contrast has just so much more to offer," added House. "What I think we've done is point to a market that really has started out with potentially casual games on other devices, but now wants a deeper, better or more premier gaming experience," he said.
The new head of PlayStation granted CVG a full and frank interview at the PS Vita's Japanese launch, which you can read through that link.