Marat Fayzullin has released a new version of the Spectrum emulator for Mobile Phones.

This version moves joystick fire button from soft keys to the dial pad and adds more key mappings for comfortable gameplay. Speccy will run ZX Spectrum snapshots in .sna and .z80 formats. It will also open cassette tape images in .tap and .tzx formats. Place your files into E:\Others\Speccy. When not loading a snapshot, this Speccy version defaults to 128kB Spectrum mode for simplicity. Control keys:

[SEND] opens the application menu.
[END] quits the emulator.
[+],[*], [#], [[], []], [/], [\], [\], ['], [=], [-] all work as joystick fire button.
[OK] acts as ENTER key.
[SOFT1], [.] fast-forward emulation.
[SOFT2], [,] invoke built-in control menu.
[&larr], [C] toggle sound playback.

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