More than five million copies of 3DS platformer Super Mario 3D Land have been sold worldwide since its launch in November,Nintendo has announced.
It means Mario's 3DS debut is the first game to cross the five million barrier, though figures released alongside Nintendo's latest financial results show Mario Kart 7 isn't far behind. The kart racer, which has been number one in Japan for five of the last six weeks, ended the year on 4.5 million.
In the nine months to December 31, DS RPG Pokémon Black & White sold 2.9 million units worldwide, taking its lifetime sales to 14.4 million. Mario Kart Wii, released in 2008, continues to sell, with 4.9 million units sold during the period to take its lifetime total to a staggering 31.9 million.
It's a similar story for Wii Sports, with 2.4 million sales meaning its total sales since launch stand at 79 million, thanks largely to it being bundled with the console in the west.
Other notable performers include The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D, which has sold a shade under 2.5 million, and Skyward Sword, with 3.4 million units sold since release last November. For the full list, follow the source link below.