stfour has updated postLoader3 to version 3.57.4. Use this versatile Wii application in conjunction with Priiloader or as a standard app, as an alternative to the Homebrew Channel and/or system menu. It also supports launching Wii games, GameCube games via DML, and VC/Wiiware titles from real or emulated NAND. See what's new in the change log below, and be sure to check out the on-going discussion for the latest (off-site) download and more information about this homebrew project.

QUOTE: Change Log 01/24/123.57.4
•Added the capability to change default loader home [home]->game options->set default loader (can be very slow)

•Corrected some menu options

•Corrected gamebrowser top title

•Some code clean


•Added support for GC D-Pad (thx traitor)

•Corrected a bug in homebrew browser pagenum (thx traitor)

•Incremented debug output for dml operation

•DML: Removed call to setstreaming (thx FIX94)