Newly released/updated for the Caanoo

Buzzy's Bad Day re-write, now with 30% less bug for new easy level, a bird shadow warning you're flying too high, roomier boss level, angrier spider along with all new music by Dieter Donskeeter. Story:You are a rather large bug who woke up stuck to the bottom of someone's shoe with a headache and a bent antennae on the wrong side of the exotic botanical gardens carnivorous plant exhibit and bird aviary. You must navigate your way home dodging between the bird above if flying too high, (watch for his approaching shadow), and the hungry plants below, fortunately there is a tail wind pushing you in the right direction and plenty to eat along the way. Be sure to keep your strength up or you'll grow weak and take a dive. Consult the Ohno Western Garden Guide Book to see what you're up against.Tips: It's all about the flowers, tounge the purple, avoid the poisonous spew of the red, yellow, green monkey cups and dodge the venus fly traps. When you get to the spider web you have to destroy the web by sneezing on the points where three strands of web meet while avoiding the spider by spitting on him to keep him in his corner, make sure he's down before you attempt to pass then get bizz-ay and finish in the top ten to unlock Buzzy's secret never ending garden of love. You access it by using the Spring Mix button on the main menu that appears. Spring Mix are unique rule generated gardens for an infinite number of new levels.Blast snot at everything to move flowers out of your way and temporarily stop them from spewing poison.

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