Via Guyfawkes

Aeonflame have released a Palm version of their great puzzle game Gloop Zero. It was originally released on the Zodiac some time ago and now Palm owners can enjoy the game. If you haven't heard of the game before here is some information:
Gloop Zero is an original action/strategy game. Endeavor to get a flow of radioactive green, red and blue 'gloop' to the exit points in each level. Featuring over 100 included levels, 3 difficulty levels, over 10 unique items, and a built-in level editor. All illustrated using cartoon-style 2D graphics.

Each of the 100 unique levels is playable in each of the 3 difficulty levels (bronze, silver, and gold), for a total challenge of 300 levels. Use items such as the bomb and anti-gravity to help you complete these levels.

A fully functional built in-level editor allows you to expand the game for near-infinite replay ability. Place curves, tiles, choose your items and create the levels you'd love to play.
More information and a trail download can be found on the homepage at