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Thread: Global PSN rebrand this week

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    Default Global PSN rebrand this week

    Customer data transferred to Sony Entertainment Network

    Sony is to ditch the PlayStation Network brand as soon as this week, the company has explained.
    The digital platform will be renamed Sony Entertainment Network by Wednesday, and all PSN account holders will have their details transferred over. Firmware updates will be issued to both PS3 and PS Vita systems.

    “This transition is based on Sony’s goal to enhance its unique digital entertainment offering,” read a company statement.
    Sony said the rebrand is part of a wider aim of offering a more diverse range of content across its consumer devices.
    Movies, music and games will be “all accessible from one convenient account”.

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    Pff, Playstation Network is a better name but whatever. I expect a firmware update on PS3 and NGP is on the way to reflect this rebranding.

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