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    Default  PSX Production Stops

    Some news of interest from Slashdot:

    Thanks to GameScience for translating the news that Sony's PlayStation 2/DVR combination, the PSX, has temporarily ceased production in Japan, apparently "since the start of April." According to Sony representatives, the company is "in the middle of deciding when production will start again, based on the current stock levels, as well as the shift in demand for the unit", but the Japanese article claims "a development problem", suggesting "...both SCE's game unit and Sony's Blu-ray team are involved in the project, and apparently things haven't been running smoothly, resulting in some of PSX's functionality being mismatched" - is this partly referencing the PSX's initial feature downgrade? However, the PSX is "still on track for launch in Europe and North America in the second half of 2004."

    Doesnt look like the success that Sony had hoped for !

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    @paul_horton (aka cless)

    U're nice guy I guess. Let's meet some day and have a beer and do some talk about life, why it's so hard and so on and most important: why you won't participate in it anymore in the near future! I am really looking forward to it!

    Yours sincerly,


    Edit: Okay paul_horton's/Cless' account and postings are already deleted but I'd like to let my comment in for some time because otherwise he couldn't read it.

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