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Thread: Microsoft Store hacked in India, passwords stored in plain text

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    Default Microsoft Store hacked in India, passwords stored in plain text

    Frequenters of India's online Microsoft Store were briefly greeted with the suspicious visage of a Guy Fawkes mask this morning, following a hack that compromised the site's user database. According toWPSauce, Microsoft Store India's landing page was briefly taken over by a hacker group called Evil Shadow Team, who, in addition to putting a new face on Windows products, revealed that user passwords were saved in plain text. The group's motivations are unknown, though the hacked page warned that an "unsafe system will be baptized." The store is now offline, suggesting that Microsoft may have regained control. Read on for a look at the compromised password database.

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    Nice, hopefully the passwords don't have money or bank details and I'll go have a look before the details change... I don't mind poking around people's data, if nothing vital is compromised.

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