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Thread: Five Vita games you can pre-download now

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    Default Five Vita games you can pre-download now

    If you're rocking in your seat in excitement for Vita's launch, you might want to be prepared with some game to play on it.
    NeoGAF posters have discovered that at least five Vita games are already available for download via the US PSN - including Uncharted and WipEout.While not visible via the normal menus, slapping in a search for them will reveal the goods, and you can purchase and download them now, ready for the arrival of your shiny console later this month.
    Better still, if you already have a Japanese Vita and are waiting for English-language games, you can download the Vita titles to your PS3 and transfer them via USB cable to your console. The US downloads are thankfully fully playable on Japanese units.
    Here are the game found and their prices (which includes a currently available 10 percent discount):
    Uncharted (3.2 GB) $45 ($50 MSRP)
    Hot Shots (1.15 GB) $36 ($40 MSRP)
    WipEout 2048 (1.6GB) $36 ($40 MSRP)
    Super Stardust Delta (208 MB) $10 - PSN title
    Modnation Racers Road trip (1.5 GB) $27 ($30 MSRP)

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    This is what i have done.. But I used my mates USA Account to buy and download the game (Super Stardust Delta) and Guess what, You have to have that Account on the Vita to be able to copy/Install it to it..
    Guess ill just have to wait and buy it here again when it comes out here (Australia).
    I have had this JAP PS Vita for a month now with no games..

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