Mobile virtual assistant joins iOS to do battle with Siri.
Since Apple introduced Siri on the iPhone 4S, mobile assistants seems to keep appearing and Speaktoit is the latest one to do so.
The voice-controlled iOS app allows users to call people, update social networks, play music and make notes.
Additionally, Speaktoit claims to be able to rival Siri by searching maps outside of the US, offering regular updates and compatibility with iPhones 3GS and 4. Users are also able to customise the appearance of their assistant.
The app was originally developed for Android, boasting 1.4 million downloads and receiving a 'Top Ten Android App of 2011' title from the New York Times.
It's priced at $1.99 on the Apple App Store, but the first 100,000 downloads today (Valentine's Day) will receive the app for free.