Attempts to race Windows 8 to the finish line.
Thus far, Android's newest OS - Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) - has only been introduced on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, providing it with one per cent installation across all Android devices.
Now, despite ICS only arriving in Q4 2011, Digitimes claims Google may launch Android 'Jelly Bean' (5.0) in Q2, in order to fend off competition from Microsoft tablets, which will receive Windows 8 in Q3.
The report claims Google plans to integrate Jelly Bean with its Chrome netbook OS to allow dual OS designs.
This will enable suppliers to create Android Jelly Bean-only devices, but additionally, Windows 8 tablets that can access the Android OS seamlessly.
Of course, the codename Jelly Bean is just speculation, Google has yet to officially announce what dessert its next OS will be named after.