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Thread: DCEvo SID Play High Voltage Sid Collection released!

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    Default DCEvo SID Play High Voltage Sid Collection released!

    DCEvolution has released a nice new and unique collector's item that you should get. Here's the complete info:[br][br]SID Play High Voltage Sid Collection music release - Posted by: Captain Skyhawk at 12:19 AM[br][br]"The Dreamcast is even more versatile than you may think. Thanks to the various devvers you can perfectly play many classic music formats on it. We at DC Evolution want to shine some light on these classic music format players and going to bring you some nice music image packs the following weeks.[br][br]We start of with the biggest one and probally one of the most populair classic music format: SID Play. This nice player by Christian Nowak (of Giana's Return) is already a long time out there. It can play all the populair Commodore 64 music. Due to this populairity (mainly caused by the quality of the songs) there are many SID files available. Luckily the fans of this format has gathered those SID songs and putted them online in the High Voltage SID Collection.[br][br]We compiled an image with this big collection (wich features over 27,000 songs) and SID Play. The image is over 200 MB big (so worth a CD for you space savers). See the webpage here for more info, covers and the download (75 MB). Let us now what you think and share your songs from the collection in our forums."[br][br]--Captain Skyhawk--[br]

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    Default Re: DCEvo SID Play High Voltage Sid Collection rel

    Best release this year thrilled with it very good job Captain. C64 had the best music of any 8 bit the 27.000 + collection proves this.

    Be heading over to your forum to share some great songs.

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    Default Re: DCEvo SID Play High Voltage Sid Collection rel

    ;D Glad to see you so happy! It's really a great release

    Here's some more info about this release from the DCEvo download page:


    With this image you can listen to over 27,000 classic Commodore 64 songs! The sound interface chip (SID) was one of the key factors that made the Commodore 64 legendary, it's more than bleep-blop music.

    About SID Play

    Sidplay for the Dreamcast is Christian Nowak's port of the open source library written by Michael Schwendt. The player supports directory and track browsing, subsong skip forward and back and track select. A nice future of the player is the ability to alternate the music from stereo to mono for a true C64 sound by the press of a button. If you want to know how the controls are mapped than have a look at the back cover.

    About the High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC)

    HVSC is the ultimate SID tune collection featuring over 27,000 popular and requested SIDs from the Commodore 64. The collection includes SIDs (aka C64 music) from games, demos, intros, etc. HVSC has been in the making for six years and is the result of many contributors. The collection featured in this image is dated from May 27, 2004. For all the info about the collection visit the HVSC homepage.

    Recommended songs

    You can choose to listen to so many songs, that it can take you a decade to listen to them all. We try to help you to find the best songs of the collection. For now we can recommend the songs from the following artists: Rob Hubbard, Galway, Daglish, Gray (Fred and Matt) and Tel. If you found a very good song or know a good one, please post it in the forum for us all to enjoy.


    Covers and ip logo by: DCDayDreamer
    Image compilation and webpages by: Captain Skyhawk


    Here's how the covers look like:

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    Default Re: DCEvo SID Play High Voltage Sid Collection rel

    Thanks Ian. I like the songs, but it would be even better if the hardcore C64 lovers post their favorite songs. I will add those to the webpages.

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