Apple looks set to give a thorough overhaul to the App Store to improve discoverability following the acquisition of Chomp.
Chomp's search engine, available as a standalone app on iOS and Android, enables users to search not just by title - which, obviously, requires that users know what they're looking for - but by type.
The deal makes sense for Apple as the App Store closes in on its 25 billionth download. With over half a billion apps on the store already, and hundreds more being added every day, discovery is already hamstrung by the App Store's rudimentary search function, a situation that will only worsen over time.
TechCrunch reports that Apple will also use the technology to power a new recommendations system. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Apple has moved swiftly to get the Chomp team on its books: 9 to 5 Mac reports that CEO Ben Keighran has joined the iTunes marketing team, with CTO Cathy Edwards now a senior iTunes engineer.