Japan is set to receive a brand new 3DS color and a heap of new bundles. Starting March 22, Japanese 3DS fans can pick up the handheld in "Cobalt Blue" -- not to be confused with the lighter "Aqua Blue" model. March will also see the release of four new 3DS bundles. A Monster Hunter 3G bundle will be released on March 17 in both black and red flavors. White and pink Super Mario 3D Land bundles are slated for March 24. These will include both Super Mario 3D Land and a preinstalled copy of the Virtual Console version of Super Mario Bros.

There will also be a bundle celebrating the release of Fire Emblem Awakeningon April 19. The bundle will include a special cobalt blue DS (pictured), a copy of the game and a card worth 1000 Nintendo Points. We can only hope the cobalt 3DS makes its way outside of Japan. Then again, we're still waiting on the Ice White 3DS here in North America.