We know you've already added the Fisher Price DVR to the list of gadgets that may withstand the physical trauma your kid's about to put it through. But how does an ICS-equipped, 7-inch slate with parental controls sound? Dubbed Child Pad, this sticky finger-friendly tab isn't just flaunting the fact it's tasting Android's freshest treat before most of you, it's doing so with a rather modest 1GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM. In theory, that should be enough to handle your little one's multitouch doings. Speaking of, Archos is pairing up the $129 machine with access to the AppLibs Kids App Store, which offers a portfolio of over 10,000 games, books and apps. Unfortunately, there's no word on what kind of ports or internal storage the Child Pad's packing. The good news is Archos isn't saying you need to be in first grade to use it, so feel free to grab one for yourself (or your kid) when it hits shelves at the end of the month.