It wouldn't be the launch of a new PlayStation device without a new Ridge Racer game, and while Ridge Racer for the Vita may have missed launch day, it'll be making making up for its zero-to-retail time with free cars, music and tracks when it launches on March 13.

Initial retail copies of Ridge Racer ($29.99) will include a "Ridge Racer Gold Pass," which nets the buyer five additional cars, three bonus courses, two new songs and an extended remix of an existing song. PSN copies of the game ($24.99) also include the Gold Pass goodies, provided they're purchased before April 30. An additional "Silver Pass" DLC pack will also be available in April, albeit at an undisclosed price.

Aside from free DLC, Ridge Racer's North American launch also includes a system update, which improves the game's frame rate and adds "crisper graphics." It's fitting, since the only other thing more "PlayStation" than Ridge Racer is a system update.