When my PS Vita arrived the middle of last week, I had no intention of buying any games for it.

Of course, it didn't work out that way. As soon as I got my Vita all set up, I logged into the PlayStation Store to download some PSP games that I had already purchased. Moments later, I had Rayman: Origins and Super Stardust Delta as well. It was the rare triple whammy: a credit card, a new game system, and an easily accessible online store.

Originally, the Vita was an impulse purchase. A system that I could use for work and write off on my taxes. Now though, I wonder if Sony might finally be on to something here.

To better understand where the Vita is today, it would help to look back at the PSP's launch.

Seven years ago, I walked into a store and asked if I could see one of the then-new PlayStation Portables. I had been skeptical to that point, but I'm as much a technophile as any gamer. I needed to hold a PSP in my hands. Finally I had my chance to get hands-on at a retail store. If I had tried out Lumines or Wipeout Pulse, I might have been more impressed. Instead, I was playing Twisted Metal: Head-On, a muddy brown game with irritating load times that looked like it was trying but failing to be a PS2 title. I put the PSP away and never looked back.