We have released the MATRIX TRIDENT (PSI) installation and instruction manual. Also available is the diagram to use the MATRIX TRIDENT with any other glitch device available on the market.
You can get both from our
DOWNLOAD section. (EDIT: Fixed the installation manual download link, sorry about that guys ! :-) )

We are completing also a software to enable the easy management of bad blocks when dumping the NAND and rewriting it to the MATRIX TRIDENT. This software will handle all the work in case your NAND has bad blocks tht need to be reallocated.

We also would like to inform everyone that the tests to restore glitch features to SLIM and FAT consoles that have been updated with the 14717/14719 update are proceeding at fast peace.
More tests are required to ensure that every bug has been ironed out, but we will have soon good news for owners of Glitch devices.