You asked for it and the wonder developer that is Babkock delivered. ToneMatrix 0.9 was pushed out yesterday, adding the much asked for feature that was saving or exporting your songs.

Babkock says that "In this update, I added a much-requested feature: the ability to save and load your songs! ToneMatrix 0.8, which I didn't release to the public, added a 16-grid sequencer, so sixteen different grids will play one after another. 0.8 also added cut grid, copy grid, and paste grid functions. I highly encourage the uploading of songs to the internet, to share with other ToneMatrix users."

You heard the man! Get creating with your ToneMatrix expertise, and enjoy the homebrew. I know I for one am going to use this for some random tracks in YouTube videos when I get around to it. What will you use it for?