Rumours grow alongside speculation that Apple will debut a next-gen Siri alongside its new Apple TV offering.
According to TechCrunch, Google is currently ramping up the voice-recognition tech that it's had for a long time to compete with Apple's much-hyped voice feature.
It reckons Assistant will 'go beyond Siri in many ways, most importantly in that the search company will retain complete control of all the layers involved.'
That means integrating the data in the back-end to return more accurate search results and help users accomplish real-life goals. It will also be made available to developers, unlike Siri, which raises the prospect of voice recognition being rolled into third party apps.
Of course, this is precisely what Nuance is trying to do with its own developer programme Nuance DEV, which has 8,000 codeshops signed up.
And to make the story even more messy, Nuance provides the tech for Siri, while its founder Mike Cohen now works for Google.