Welcome to this week's Games Update, our weekly summary featuring all new product arrivals from the last seven days. There is quite a lot of drama this week, pilot your mecha to war in Mobile Suit Gundam UC, dance with the Nendoroid Vocaloids in Project Mirai, and the skillful warriors can join Snake in Metal Gear Solid 3D.

Developed by From Software of Demons Souls and Dark Souls fame, Unicorn Gundam (better known as UC Gundam) brings the mecha space opera to the PlayStation3 front lines.

The story mode follows the plot points in the Vanage arc, the Frontal arc and the Marida arc. Unlock the vast amounts of original scenarios exclusively available for the game, get involved in a dream battle, and clash laser blades together with the Gundam of your choosing.

The system is based on the A.C.E system, the controls are simple, the mecha reacts fast and the graphics are realistic. Watch your opponents explode or melt away when you defeat them.

Pilot your Mobile Suit to war on your PlayStation3. The Special Editions include a Blu-ray disc and ...[more]