Upcoming XBLA platformer Fez won the Seamus McNally Grand Prize, the top honour at last night's Independent Games Festival (IGF) Awards at GDC in San Francisco.
Developer Phil Fish caused controversy earlier in the week when he told a Japanese developer that his nation's games "suck", but he is now in the headlines for all the right reasons, and has won $30,000 as a result. As our GDC diarist reports, he celebrated bycutting a rug to The Cure.
Thechineseroom's haunting adventure Dear Esther, which has sold 70,000 copies since its Steam release last month, won the award for Excellence In Visual Arts, while Beat Sneak Bandit took home the Best Mobile Game award. The Audience Award, the winner of which is selected by public vote, went to Frozen Synapse.
  • Student Showcast: Way
  • Technical Excellence: Antichamber
  • Excellence In Design: Spelunky
  • Best Mobile Game: Beat Sneak Bandit
  • Excellence In Visual Art: Dear Esther
  • Excellence In Audio: Botanicula
  • Audience Award: Frozen Synapse
  • Nuovo Award: Storyteller
  • Seamus McNally Grand Prize: Fez
  • Microsoft XBLA Sponsorship Award: Super Time Force