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Thread: GDC: Sony ships 10.5 million Move controllers

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    Default GDC: Sony ships 10.5 million Move controllers

    The new figure includes Move and Navigation controllers shipped to retail
    Sony Computer Entertainment

    Sony Computer Entertainment is a Japanese videogame company specialising in a variety of areas in the...

    Sony has shipped 10.5 million units of its Move peripheral to date, IGN reports.
    The figure was revealed by Sony's Gabe Ahn, a developer support engineer, following a GDC panelfocusing on developing for the Move.
    Ahn confirmed to IGN that the figure represented units shipped to retailers rather than sold, and includes sales of both Move and Navigation Controllers - the latter can be substituted for a Dualshock 3 pad, and is specifically designed to work with the Move.
    Ahn put the Move's attach rate at 1 for every 6 PlayStation 3 consoles, though the figure of 10.5 million units shipped does not directly correspond with that estimate.
    62 million PlayStation 3 consoles had been sold as of December 31 2011, which, by Ahn's ratio, suggests around 10 million sales of the Move controller alone.

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    Pffft, shipped, suggests, estimate, why do sony never have any REAL numbers? Answer, because they have to lie to their investors to keep em from running.

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