The weather is getting warmer as the dragon makes himself comfortable as the presiding zodiac sign of the year. May we all prosper under his auspicious powers. This year we are sticking to the tradition, although Chinese New Year is already over, we are prolonging the fun and the energy with The Sales.

Inspired by the mythical beast, we become ambitious. We strive to slash the prices of everything possible, thus, this Incredibly Delayed Lunar New Year Sale. Please take a look at your Christmas Wishlist, there is a high chance that the items inside are now available at a ultra super friendly price.

So let us all be adventurous. Try something you have never done before. Shooters are welcome to try out fighters, fighters can get involved in RPGs, and pop music fans can get a taste of game and anime music.

Since luck is a big component in the year of the dragon, come join our lucky draw. All you have to do is buy a discounted product. The more you buy, the more times your name will end up in the draw. So ...[more]