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Thread: Kung Fu Factory's "Girl Talk" port to Dreamcast

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    Default Kung Fu Factory's "Girl Talk" port to Dreamcast

    Hey guys, I was looking at this game called "Girl Talk" by Kung Fu Factory and after watching the review and noticing that the game doesn't look as high end as most games today, and it looks like soul calibur/ doa2 graphic wise I decided to look for the developers and I didn't find an email address so I did the next best thing looked up their Facebook, I found their fan page and I just put my request to have them port it to the DC. I didn't expect to hear from them but 6 minutes later I got a response but they replied in a negative ALMOST saying it was a super idea an that they even have a dreamcast in the office but they don't have the dev kit anymore I don't know if they were referring to there dev kit or the dreamcast but I let them know that we (the dreamcast scene) have created alternative ways to develop for the dreamcast.

    Give them more encouragement by going to their Facebook and liking a post by me Koku Jin or telling them they should port to dc. Just the fact they replied so fast shows that they listen, we did convince others to port content to the DC. We did it with bennuGD and CubicVR let's try one more time this time from someone that's getting more attention.

    Here's a link to the GDC review

    the game actually looks great. I hope it does come to the DC.

    here's my Facebook post on their page.

    Some DC News Showing Support ... 9304588350

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    Thank you for the Girl Talk!

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