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Thread: UK Charts Feb 14th

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    Default UK Charts Feb 14th

    Sonic's reign at the top of the ELSPA UK All-Format Charts has proved to be short-lived - like a hedgehog crossing the M25 at rush hour. Activision's Knights of the Old Republic 2 has used the Force to levitate the spiky ball of fleas off the top spot after just one week.[br]Released on Xbox and PC, KOTOR 2 managed to beat off stiff competition from Vivendi's eagerly-anticipated World of Warcraft. The PC MMORPG shifted over 280,000 copies across Europe on its first day on sale, so KOTOR 2 must have shifted like an X-Wing jumping into hyperspace to snatch the number one spot.[br][br]Still, Warcraft should be pretty chuffed - it's the fastest selling online-only game ever in the UK. Like, WoW![br]This flurry of top-of-the-pops activity means Sonic Mega Collection drops to 3, pushing previous number one title Need for Speed Underground 2 down to 4. Rockstar's endlessly entertaining GTA: San Andreas slips to 5, the gang-bangin' adventure's lowest position on the charts since it was released last October.[br][br]The biggest climber is THQ's The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. The tie-in to the cartoon movie hitting cinema screens just in time for half-term (clever, that) shoots up 7 places from 13 to 6. As the Sponge soaks up all below, THQ's other cartoon kiddie-botherer The Incredibles falls to from 4 to number 8.[br][br]Not much movement further down the charts, although we're pretty amused that FIFA 2005 has dropped from 5 to 10, while its cutback little brother UEFA Champions League climbs from 8 to 7. Half the features, twice the profit: Good old EA.[br][br]Here's this weeks chart stripped bare and spreading itself just for you:[br][br]1.Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [br]2.World of Warcraft[br]3.Sonic Mega Collection Plus[br]4.Need for Speed: Underground[br]5.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas[br]6.The Spongebob Squarepants Movie[br]7.UEFA Champions League 2004-2005[br]8.The Incredibles[br]9.Shadow of Rome[br]10.FIFA 2005[br]11.Pro Evolution Soccer 4[br]12.Call of Duty: Finest Hour[br]13.Football Manager 2005[br]14.The Sims 2[br]15.MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf[br]16.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005[br]17.Half-Life 2[br]18.WWE SmackDown! Versus RAW[br]19.Prince of Persia: Warrior Within[br]20.The Urbz: Sims in the City

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