If you've played Taito's beautifully abstract iOS music game, Groove Coaster, you probably want more of Taito's beautifully abstract iOS music game, Groove Coaster. And you'll have it. During an interview today, producer Reisuke Ishidatold Joystiq: "People can expect to see more Groove Coaster in the future." As for the details, like when, or whether it's in the form of game updates or a full sequel, we got "No comment."

One (vector-based, icon-covered) avenue he'd like to explore is a console port, much like the XBLA/PSN port of his iOS shooter Space Invaders Infinity Gene. "There's no plan for a console release of Groove Coaster yet, but if it's possible it's something that I'd like to do," Ishida said. "I don't think the controls would be much of an issue; it's pretty simple controls." Ishida said he kept consoles in mind while designing Groove Coaster. "I didn't want to add something that wouldn't be able to be communicated for consoles in the future."

In terms of non-Groove Coaster games, Ishida teased a third game in what he called the "Infinity Gene series (which currently includes Infinity Gene andGroove Coaster). "It'll probably have a similar aesthetic to the previous two games, but people shouldn't expect another shooting game. It'll be something different."

Ishida quickly clarified: "I'm not saying I'm never going to make shooting games again, just not for the next project."