Swizzy released a new version of his GUI for xeBuild.

What's new/fixed:
- Changed: The app no longer requires .net framework 3.5, it now only requies v2.0
- Fixed: When running a different build after running glitch type the app will no longer keep the "-o patchsmc" option as an argument to xebuild
- Fixed: More typo's where i've missed adding spaces between various xeBuild parameter options (this time it's with verbose output, maybe more... fixed properly this time!)
- Fixed: The app now properly copies custom smc to data directory...
- Fixed: Unpacking of sysmteupdates is now done properly again to the usb devices instead of to a folder with the letter of the drive...
- Added: Nandpro features, the GUI is now able to do various common NANDpro operations such as dumping your nand, writing a hacked image, writing a ECC image, it can also do file operations such as writing ECC to an existing Dump or remapping badblocks (NOTE: you have to write the blocks in HEX and you need to manually select what block to remap to where...)
** NOTE: When using 3.0a you'll get NO output if there is no device connected, Flash CPLD ONLY use 3.0a so don't bother trying to use Custom... Custom means it'll use "nandprocustom.exe" in files\nandpro\ otherwise it'll use the specified version (selected one) **
** NOTE: DO NOT remove nandpro20b.exe even if it's not used anywhere visuabaly (it's the version i use to do file operations meaning you will KILL the function if you remove this version, or replace it...) **
** NOTE: This is limited to advanced mode, it shouldn't be used by ppl that don't know what they're doing as there is no status updates along the way you won't know what's happening untill it's finnished **
- Added: If you put "smc_config.bin" or "kv.bin" next to the app they'll now be used instead of your full nand by default, making it easier for you to fix broken nands
- Updated: Now using the same Xell-Reloaded version for ECC and xeBuild (v0.991)
- Changed: If there is a log next to the gui it'll automatically assume you've already created a ECC and thus want to create a xeBuild image (ggboot/glitchboot) (NOTE: it looks for "xeBuild_GUI.log" and/or "xeBuild_GUI.txt")
- Changed: If you grab cpukey from keys.txt, fuse.txt or network it'll also assume you want to create a Glitch image (if ECC was previously selected)
- Fixed: If you are currently running a process (building an image) you cannot begin another one (the generate button is disabled untill it's finnished)
- Changed: There has been ALOT of changes in the source code, to improve the readability along with optimizing parts of the code to work a little faster and/or use a less ram, this isn't very important for most of you, but it's a big change
- Fixed: When there is an error the app will no longer assume it's an xeBuild error... (it will if xeBuild is used, otherwise it won't)
- Added: The output log now contains information aquired from your decrypted keyvault (serial, osig, mfr-date etc. all of the data it shows you when you click on check KV)
- Added: The output log also prints CB version (if possible)
- Changed: You can now choose to ONLY use extracted files (thus NOT using a previous nand dump) NOTE: This is NOT recomended and should ONLY be used if you have no other options...
- Updated: The app can now identify CB versions: 9230, 7375 and 1923 other versions may work fine aswell, but will NOT be identified automatically by the app...
- Updated: You can now build ECC type images for updated Slims (if they have CB 9230) you can also build ECC type images for Xenon... Thanks for releasing an updated build script nitram!