Onimusha Soul represents the Japanese publisher's first stab at browser gaming
One of Japan's largest game publishers has finally announced a major stepping stone, formally declaring the next Onimusha title as browser-based game. This marks the first time that Capcom will develop a PC game directly with the intent for browser-based play.
Declaring it a "Sengoku simulation RPG," Capcom plans to let gamers take up arms for various feudal lords during one of the most romanticized periods of Japanese history. What sets Onimusha Soul apart is the added demon and mythology angle not present in other popular RPG titles.
Capcom has not released an Onimusha title for some time, with the last entry having shipped back in 2006. There's no word on when the game is set for release.
Capcom has had some great results in online gaming; Smurf's Village was a 'driving force' behind the publisher's success throughout 2011.