John Romero currently has 'plans' for a new title with older FPS themes
One of the most prolific game developers for first person shooter titles has declared that he has 'plans' to develop a game that would be more in line with some of the biggest titles from the early to mid-90s. While he has not revealed any concrete details, John Romero has expressed via Twitter that he has not ruled out the possibility of a new game that would remind consumers of the original Doom and Quake titles.
Fielding multiple questions, the legendary designer said that he had "definitely not" ruled out a new 'old school' title, and that he already had 'plans' for such a title. As more and more questions came in, Romero swiftly stated that his game would most certainly not be a sequel to the infamous Daikatana.
With nothing but a hint at his next game, Romero's leaving much to the imagination of gamers. With a storied career spanning multiple studios, Romero is currently sitting as CEO and co-founder of Loot Drop. His current studio might be more focused on the mobile and social gaming space, but his years at id Software apparently have not soured his desire to work on a core gaming title.
Romero took part in an interesting GDC panel last week on the revival of garage games development, along with Tim Sweeney, Jordan Mechner, Notch and Adam Saltzman.