News From Lik Sang [br][br] We have received some nice deliveries of classic stuff today, containing a lot of low-prices software for several consoles, as well as some replacement parts for those of you out there with a broken Nintendo64 Controller.[br][br]Nintendo 64[br][br]As most gamers know, the most common problem with the official Nintendo Controller for the N64 is that the 3D Stick gets used and loose after some time, posing some serious accuracy problems. The repair part we got in today is fixing that problem, replacing your 3D Stick module with a brand new one. This miracle piece of plastic ships for US$ 4.95 only.[br][br]Additionally, we have also received re-stocks of five hit games for the 64-bits console from Big N, all at very attractive rates.[br][br]N64 Tonic Trouble US$ 12.90[br]N64 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 US$ 9.99[br]N64 F1 World Grand Prix US$ 4.99[br]N64 Mega Man 64 US$ 19.90[br]N64 Pokemon Snap US$ 14.90[br]N64 Controller's 3D Part US$ 4.95[br] [br] Wonderswan Color[br][br]The Wonderswan Color System is now cheaper at Lik Sang, at US$ 39.90 only. It is available in three different colors (Pearl Blue, Clear Blue, Clear Black). The new price is not valid on the latest edition of the console, named 'SwanCrystal', and which stays at US$ 59.90. Several games are still available, at their lowest level ever.[br][br]WonderSwan Color (Pearl Blue) US$ 39.90[br]WonderSwan Color (Clear Blue) US$ 39.90[br]WonderSwan Color (Clear Black) US$ 39.90[br]Super Robot Taisen Compact 3 US$ 39.90[br]Gundam Giren no Yabou Special US$ 39.90[br]Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley US$ 32.90[br]Digital Monsters: D Project US$ 34.90[br]Hunter X Hunter: Michikareshi Mono US$ 39.90[br]SwanCrystal (Violet Blue) US$ 59.90[br] [br] Neo Geo Pocket Color[br][br]Several of our NGPC games have been dropped in price, while we have re-stocked consequently the very well-appreciated Neo Geo Pocket Color System with 6 Games bundle pack.[br][br]Pocket Tennis US$ 9.90[br]Samurai Showdown 2 US$ 12.90[br]King Of Fighters R2 US$ 9.90[br]Puzzle Bobble Mini US$ 9.90[br]Dark Arms US$ 14.90[br]Dive Alert (Matt / Becky) US$ 14.90[br][br]Mega CD[br][br]Same as we did on Saturn a couple of months ago, we are now shipping a few dozens of games randomly for US$ 0.99, all packed in a simple paper sleeve. 8 different titles can be picked up (see product page for more details), and the offer is valid as long as stocks last. Moreover, we still have three other Mega CD games available at close-out price that you might want to grab simultaneously.[br][br]Mega CD Games (random) US$ 0.99[br]Citizen X Beta for Mega CD US$ 9.99[br]MegaCD Sol Feace US$ 4.99[br]MegaCD Heavy Nova US$ 4.99[br][br]Super NES[br][br]We have received re-stocks of five well-known SNES titles, shipping within 24 hours at a very reasonable cost.[br][br]Killer Instinct US$ 8.90[br]Space Invaders US$ 9.90[br]F-Zero US$ 9.90[br]Tetris 2 US$ 9.95[br]Super Star Wars US$ 8.95[br][br]Jaguar and Jaguar CD[br][br]Our Jaguar category is on sale, we have dropped the price to its bottom-level for all Jag and JagCD games.[br][br]Jaguar Troy Aikman Football (Multinorm (PAL & NTSC)) - US$ 7.95[br]Jaguar Syndicate (Multinorm (PAL & NTSC)) - US$ 14.95[br]Jaguar Brutal Sports Football (Multinorm (PAL & NTSC)) - US$ 6.95[br]Jaguar White Men Can't Jump (Multinorm (PAL & NTSC)) - US$ 9.99[br]Jaguar Flashback (Multinorm (PAL & NTSC)) - US$ 19.90[br]JagCD Baldies (Multinorm (PAL & NTSC)) - US$ 9.99[br]JagCD Cybermorph (Multinorm (PAL & NTSC)) - US$ 9.99[br]Myst for Jaguar CD (PAL) - US$ 14.95[br]Highlander: The Last of the McLeods for Jaguar CD (European PAL) - US$ 34.90[br]Jaguar Val D'Isere (European PAL) - US$ 36.95[br]JagCD Space Ace (European PAL) - US$ 19.99[br]Jaguar Checkered Flag (European PAL) - US$ 44.95[br]Jaguar Double Dragon 5 (European PAL) - US$ 32.95[br]Jaguar Raiden (European PAL) - US$ 37.95[br]Jaguar Wolfenstein 3D (PAL) - US$ 32.90[br]Jaguar Hoverstrike (European PAL) - US$ 32.95[br]Hoverstrike for Jaguar CD (European PAL) - US$ 14.99[br]Jaguar Kasumi Ninja (European PAL) - US$ 42.95[br]Jaguar Flashback US$ 19.90[br]Jaguar Raiden US$ 37.95[br]Jaguar Kasumi Ninja US$ 42.95