News from Play Asia [br][br] After 2 relatively calm weeks, the last week of August has finally been filled with a few quality releases for PlayStation2™, Gamecube™ and Gameboy Advance™. Highlights from this week include Full Metal Alchemist: Dream Carnival, Assault Suits Valken and Zwei !! (all for PS2™), Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation: Ambition of the Judgement Six (PS2™ and NGC™) as well as Super Mario Ball for Gameboy Advance™.[br][br]Also interesting for all PS2™ owners have been Hori's as well as Logitech's quality wireless controllers (some of them expected to be in stock tomorrow).[br][br]As usually, here is a summry of all new titles shipping this week:[br][br]PlayStation2™:[br][br]Full Metal Alchemist: Dream Carnival[br][br]Assault Suits Valken[br][br]Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation: Ambition of the Judgement Six[br][br]Zwei !![br][br]BloodRayne[br][br]Simple 2000 Series Vol. 59: The Uchuujin to Hanashi Sou![br][br]Simple 2000 Series Vol. 61: The Oane-Chapara[br][br]Utau * Tumbling Dice[br][br]Taikou Risshiden V[br][br]Monochrome[br][br]Monochrome [Limited Edition][br][br]Clover Heart's ~ looking for happiness ~[br][br]Clover Heart's ~ looking for happiness ~ [Limited Edition][br][br]Full Metal Alchemist: Dream Carnival Memory Card 8MB[br][br]Cordless Compact Controller (silver)[br][br]Cordless Compact Controller (white)[br][br]Cordless Compact Controller (black)[br][br]Wireless Anashin 2 [clear black][br][br]Wireless Anashin 2 [clear blue][br][br]Gamecube™/Gameboy Advance™:[br][br]Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation: Ambition of the Judgement Six[br][br]Super Mario Ball[br][br]Crash Bandicoot: Bakuso! Nitro Kart[br][br]Liquid Crystal Filter SP[br][br]Xbox™:[br][br]Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow (Asia Version)[br][br]Looking forward to next week, we are expecting a total of roughly 20 titles to be released in Japan. Unfortunately there won't be any too big new highlights, but still a couple of low budget Simple2000/SuperLite series as well as re-releases. A summary of next week's titles will follow in one week from now.