Microsoft's Xbox 360 motion sensor Kinect is being used in a US department store to help female customers find the perfect pair of jeans.
A post on the Kinect For Windows blog reveals that Bloomingdale's in Century City, Los Angeles, debuted the Bodymetrics Pod earlier this week. Developed by London-based Bodymetrics, it uses eight Kinect sensors to produce a 3D map of a customer's body shapes and chooses a pair of jeans that both fits and flatters. The process takes less than five seconds.
Bodymetrics CEO Suran Goonatilake said: "Body-mapping is in its infancy. We're just starting to explore what's possible in retail stores and at home. Stores are increasingly looking to provide experiences that entice shoppers into their stores, and then allow a seamless journey from stores to online. We all want shopping experiences that are personalised to us - our size, shape and style."
The technology is only being shown off at Bloomingdale's for three days. Those trying it out will be able to sign up for a Bodymetrics account, and the company eventually intends for its technology to be used in the home, with users able to virtually try on clothing and order it online - smart stuff given that an estimated 40 per cent of clothing purchased online is returned because it doesn't fit.
This is the first time Kinect's body-mapping capabilities have been used at US retail, and follows Microsoft's release of a commercial version of the Kinect SDK as it seeks to expand the device's reach far beyond videogames into the business world. Hundreds of brands have signed up to use Kinect in their commercial activities.