Developer Dridri (who created the open Idea iso loader for the psp a year ago) is now looking for Beta testers for a tool that aims at replacing Sony’s CMA client on your PC.This tool is based on some research by Yifan Lu that I mentioned a while ago, and will allow to copy files from and to the vita without being connected to the internet (something that Virtuous Flame’s Open CMA already provides, but OI CMA is entirely open source and built from scratch).
Additionally it is compatible with Linux (actually, for now, it is *only* compatible with Linux if my understanding is correct). This means Linux users won’t have to wait anymore for Sony to provide a Linux driver for the Vita… (yes, once again, hackers are helping a company making its products better)
There are also a few additional features that I won’t describe until I personally test the tool, but basically this tool might help us remove some of the limitations of CMA. Needless to mention, OI CMA will not allow you to pirate games in any way. People who have seriously looked at the way CMA works for more than 5 minutes know that all the important DRM verifications are done on the Vita, not on the PC client.