Interested in the console since its Japanese launch in November last, Real PsDev opens her return to the scene with VITA PlayStation hack a PC utility for the least interesting.

PS VITA PKG Tool is a PC utility that can decrypt and extract the files from the VITA PKG, which are signed with "PSP AES keys" of version 1.0 firmware console.
It means simply he is unable to decrypt the key PKG signed with firmware 1.50, 1.51 or 1.60.
Reason? is simple, as the PS3, Sony has changed the AES keys to its new firmware.
Despite that, this is a good start on the stage hack PsDev PS VITA, who is already potentially seen on stage with PS3 its utilities and its theories. PS VITA PKG tool will remain on his side a good basis for further progress in the future but also a way for the curious who want to know what their hidden PKG files?! PSVITA PKG Tool Real PsDev Official Page: #! / RealPsDev