NES emulator has been updated recently. Changes:
- Improved 640x480 stretched mode.
- Improved/fixed APU timing to match the behavior of the hardware. - Improved savestate code, old files are not compatible (must be version 4). - Tweaked mouse support for gameplay, now you can adjust the number of frames between mouse polls.
- Fixed mapper 4 (MMC3), IRQ code rewritten.
- Fixed mapper 5 (MMC5), added extended attribute mode (Koei games playable).
- Fixed mapper 7, now all 512 KB of ROM is accessible.
- Fixed mappers 9 and 10, Punch Out works with no glitches.
- Fixed mapper 90, plus support for 211 (Donkey Kong 4 works).
- Fixed mapper 232 (BF9096).
- Added WRAM control to the mapper 1 (MMC1).
- Added keyboard keys 1, 2, 3 to cycle between game screen blitters, but can be disabled in the config file.
- Added an option to setup the video resolution to match the desktop.
- Added an option to disable $4011 raw writes.
- Added Famicom Disk System header viewer, much like the NSF header viewer.
- Adjusted DMC sound decay and proper $4011 raw, no sound pops.
- Multiple instances of RockNES.exe are no more allowed.
- The disassembler now points to the line within the CPU PC value.
- The close button ("X" corner) now works while the GUI is active.
- There's a new menu item [!], called "Quick Menu".
- Added a new submenu, "Other options", to be improved. Currently, you can disable hotkeys 1,2,3, and setup quit to OS confirmation.
- Fixed CHR ROM bank masking.
- The config file rocknes.ini is now loaded from the application path.
- A few cosmetic changes and minor internal fixes.
- Documentation updated.
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